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Sometimes you need to find your own paths to reach ambitious goals. That is why we have founded PEXCO. PEXCO stands for "Puello E-mobility Crossover Company". This independent, owner-operated company is determined to play a central role in today's and tomorrow's global world of mobility. Our focus areas are development and distribution of e-bikes and bicycles. Across several markets, we strive to take the lead in matters of technology, design and profitability.

Next level eMobility

With the PEXCO we will reach the next level in eMobility. Our partnership with the Pierer Group, whose connected companies have world-famous brands and are market leaders in their respective segments, opens up unexpected opportunities on a technological and strategic level. Our vision is to take a leading role in zero emissions for light vehicles with the Husqvarna brand.

A strong partnership

Courageously forging new paths – this is the mission that both the Pierer Group and the Puello family of entrepreneurs subscribe to. For decades, both have been very successful in their respective markets, having led various companies and brands to international success thanks to their forward-thinking mindset and their deeply ingrained entrepreneurship. They have many things in common: extensive expertise, a wide-reaching network of suppliers and partners and a strong working relationship with the specialist retail industry. This means that, in jointly establishing PEXCO GmbH, both sides can remain true to their mission. Susanne Puello and her team will once again prove their joint vision for a mobility enterprise that is successful on the market. They are supported by a talented, growing team and a powerful network of external partners.


What drives Susanne Puello and her team is a combination of courageous, pioneering entrepreneurship and a business sense that is firmly grounded in reality. Our eyes are always set on achieving long-term goals and establishing strong partnerships, not on chasing short-term profits. We want to usher in a new era of collaboration with the specialist retail industry: offline and online, analog and digital, successful and fair. Thanks to our complete independence, we have the agility to do just that and, in doing so, forge entirely new paths.

International brands

Our brands are positioned clearly, developed strategically and rolled out globally. Our goal is to offer our sales partners and customers an attractive selection of marketable products by powerful brands.

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